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Import and export agent:

Wuxi International Trade Development Co., Ltd. of our company is a private trade company approved by Wuxi foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Commission and has the right of self import and export. It is also an import and export service provider of Alibaba in Wuxi. It is self-employed and agent of import and export business of various commodities and technologies, with an annual turnover of nearly 30 million US dollars. In the form of foreign trade team, the company cooperates with many factories to expand the export of products in the name of foreign trade department. Both sides have carried out network promotion and participated in product exhibitions at home and abroad, and achieved good results. At present, the products involved mainly include photovoltaic modules, construction machinery, equipment manufacturing, metal processing and other industries.

Our service features:

One stop trade outsourcing services, including customs clearance, logistics, foreign exchange, tax refund and other import and export services. We are committed to integrating import and export service resources, reducing various expenses, making customers focus on market development and solving customers' worries.

We promise that all services except import and export agents will be free of charge. For other expenses such as freight forwarding and commodity inspection, we will transfer the original ticket and make a detailed list of the expenses. The customer can also inquire the price by himself, of course, it can also be handled by the customer himself.

The whole agent process is a transparent operation: we will timely feed back the status, expenditure and document information of import and export services to customers by mail and telephone, so as to ensure your real-time grasp of the whole process.

We have a dynamic, professional and efficient team. Integrity, forge ahead, teamwork and win-win development are our tenet. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to come to consult and discuss business. We are looking forward to developing with you hand in hand!

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